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Madhurasa Hotel

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in Rajasthan, if not the whole of India.  Once a sanctuary for Moghul emperors, Udaipur has many natural and historic attractions, and today it is easily accessible by air and railway.  It is suited to weekend getaways from Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, and of course it is one of India's most popular destinations for international tourists.  It has several 5-star hotels, but also caters to those on a modest budget.


Madhurasa (or 'Honey Essence') is a small hotel offering budget lodging close to the centre of town and directly facing the splendor of Swaroop Sagar Lake, in Udaipur.


Our hotel has nine cozy rooms, each with a view of the lake, and amenities such as private bathroom, hot water, air-conditioning, LCD television and Wifi internet.  A rooftop restaurant serves breakfast and evening meals.


This is not a guest-house.  We have fulltime staff on premises at all times for your security and comfort.


A ground floor shop offers bicycle rentals.

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